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At Tidy It Up we know that organised environments help us to focus on our day-to-day tasks. We are here to help you achieve this by creating functional and beautiful home and office organisation.

Come onboard as we take your spaces through ORGANISING MAKEOVERS where we
REDESIGN, ORGANISE and OPTIMISE your space for a functional flow.



Moving house is never an easy task. The moving company packed all our stuff and everything was mixed up. Thank God, Fazz came to the rescue. She unpacked almost everything and found a place for it. My kitchen and bedroom cupboards are now neat and tidy. More importantly, I know where everything is. My only mistake, I should of got Fazz to pack up my house as well. Definitely will do this for our next move, you never know when that could be, when renting. Thanks Fazz for your speedy unpacking and organizing. We really appreciate it
- Presiley Naidoo
My kitchen is so well organised i can find things in seconds now! I always know what I have and need so planning for groceries is a breeze since Fazz organised my life! My passage cupboard was a true disaster and i thought it would need months to sort out but she did it in 2 days! Cannot wait for her to come and finish up the rest of my house. Would highly recommend her shes so efficient and quick and sources such affordable options. We always came below budget with everything.
- Zeenat Moola

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