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I am Farzanah, simply known as Fazz.

Being a ‘grumpy’ middle child and forced to share a room with a (not so tidy) sibling, I took on the role of keeping our room and shared closet neat & tidy. I found that I could not focus in an environment of clutter. I would always look for new ways to store our items whether it be using old shoe boxes or containers.

Naturally, the love for organising grew on me and I would find myself organising throughout the home. Packing suitcases for the family and packing the car for vacations, the organising went right up to re-arranging kitchen units in the self-catering apartments so all the padkos could fit!
I remember my sister saying to me: "When I went to study mum and dad didn’t do renovations in our apartment but as soon as you came you got them to do up everything."
#siblingrivalry #ilovemysister
My response: "You need to take the initiative!"
Which I did.
I measured, designed, and sketched out our new closets. Called around for quotations, supervised, and got the job done!
All so that our (see, I wasn't selfish) clothing and shoes had a home! I could then focus on the main task: completing my studies.
Fast forward a few years I married a guy who loves D-I-Y!
Definitely scored the jackpot!
(Alhamdulillah meaning Praise be to Allah)

Together we have completed many renovations through our eye for functional design of spaces and my skill to organise the insides of these spaces (open shelving, closets, pantry spaces, etc.) using the correct containment where needed.

Ps: I am no longer grumpy.
I have found my calling.
organising spaces, seeing the end result and amazing, grateful clients keeps me happy!

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