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I am Farzanah, simply known as Fazz.

Being a ‘grumpy’ middle child and forced to share a room with a (not so tidy) sibling, I took on the role of keeping our room and shared closet neat & tidy. I found myself unable to focus in an environment of clutter. I would focus my time on looking for new ways to fold, hang and store our items.

Naturally, the love for organising grew on me and I would find myself organising throughout the home. Packing suitcases for the family and packing the car for vacations, the organising went right up to re-arranging kitchen units in the self-catering apartments so all the padkos could fit!

As my passion grew, I found that having the correct furniture is beneficial to successful organising. I remember my sister saying to me: "When I went to study mum and dad didn’t do renovations in our apartment but as soon as you came you got them to do up everything."
#siblingrivalry #ilovemysister

My response: "The time is now. Everything in Allahs perfect timing. If you want something, ask for it and take the initiative to do it (also favourite child ;-)"
So that's what I did - Measured and Sketched out our new closets. Called around for quotations, supervised, and got the job done!

The result was 2-fold:
- All our clothing and shoes had a designated home!
- I could focus on the main task: completing my studies.
Fast forward a few years I married a guy who loves D-I-Y!
(Alhamdulillah meaning Praise be to Allah)

Together we have completed many renovations, through implementing functional design and my skill to organise the insides of these spaces.

Ps: I am no longer grumpy.
I have found my calling.
To create positive change, one organised space at at time 🙂

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